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www.mythreeandme.co.uk Closing: Sunday 14th November 2021 [26 days]

We know how important it is that every child learns to read. Of course, every child learns at their own pace and some love to read and others don't but that shouldn't stop them.

If your child is young or doesn't like to read why not read with them too after all parents can enjoy reading books too.

There are some great books for you to read with your child or for them to read independently - in fact, there as so many that you couldn't possibly read them all.

Bundles Of Picture Books To Support Children’s Wellbeing

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www.littlebird.co.uk Closing: Sunday 14th November 2021 [26 days]

To celebrate the launch of The Same but Different Bloomsbury Education are offering three lucky families the chance to win a bundle of fantastic picture books by Molly Potter, author of How Are You Feeling Today?, to help support children's wellbeing and development.

Terms & Conditions Three lucky winners will win a bundle of picture books including The Same but Different, It's OK to Cry, and What's Going On Inside My Head?

Winners prizes will arrive within 28 days of notification of win.