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5 Competitions currently running on comps.marieclaire.co.uk

Cazcabel Tequila X Mr Black Espresso Martini Kit

comps.marieclaire.co.uk Closing: Tuesday 19th October 2021 [Closing today!]

Cazcabel Tequila and Mr Black Coffee Liqueur is offering ten lucky entrants the chance to win a Coconut Espresso Martini cocktail bundle.

To make the perfect Coconut Espresso Martini: Measure 30ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, 30ml Cazcabel Coconut Tequila and 30ml Espresso or coffee into a cocktail shaker with ice.

Offering rich, sweet and warm hints of coconut, Cazcabel Coconut Tequila is the perfect addition to Espresso Martinis made with Mr Black Coffee Liqueur to add an exotic twist to the classic cocktail.

£500 Voucher For A Day's March


comps.marieclaire.co.uk Closing: Friday 22nd October 2021 [3 days]

A Day's March is a Swedish clothing label founded in 2014, creating high quality essentials for men and women.

The name, A Day's March, is an old military term - colloquially determining how far an army can move in a single day.

A Day's March perfects the essentials; garments to get you through the day with style.

Self Care Kit With Woowoo

comps.marieclaire.co.uk Closing: Monday 25th October 2021 [6 days]

X1 Winner for the Self Care appreciation kit worth £300 includes: 3 month subscription to Calm app, WooWoo's CBD Bliss Oil and NEW Bliss Oil with Hemp, wellness journal, a vibrator.

Self care is super important and now that the nights are closing in, what better way to show yourself some self love than with a WooWoo Self Care Appreciation kit? There are so many health and mood enhancing benefits to self care which you deserve to be experiencing!

All our products including our multi-award winning Tame it! Hair Removal cream, pH-Balanced Feminine Care Wipes, Washes, Bliss Oils and Lubes, contain naturally sourced fruit and plant extracts and essential oils which are widely recognised for their soothing and healing properties.

Probiotic Skincare From Aurelia London


comps.marieclaire.co.uk Closing: Friday 29th October 2021 [10 days]

Aurelia London's new Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser is a nourishing eye makeup remover that combines PROTIDA™ probiotic technology with Inca Maca Root, to effectively stimulate the growth of lashes and brows as it gently removes traces of make-up from the delicate eye area.

To celebrate this new launch, Aurelia London is offering 2 lucky Marie Claire readers a chance to win a prize worth over £250, that contains everything you need for a perfect skincare routine, including their latest Conditioning Eye & Lash Cleanser.

Win £250 of probiotic skincare from Aurelia London! x2.

Get The Raw Food Look And A £250 Dog Food Voucher

Voucher Pets

comps.marieclaire.co.uk Closing: Monday 1st November 2021 [13 days]

Natures Menu, Europe's leading expert in raw and natural pet food, is giving away a £250 voucher to one lucky winner to go towards providing the best raw food diet for their dog.

With improved digestion, shinier coats from head to toe and poos to be proud of - you can see the difference with the raw food look.

Whether you own a tiny Jack Russell or a sizeable St Bernard, every dog owner wants to reward their greatest companion with the best food - after switching to raw food, our four-legged friends can proudly take centre-stage at the local park, wind rushing through their shiny fur!