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6 Competitions currently running on comps.housebeautiful.co.uk

Indesit Built-In Push&Go Fridge Freezer

Freezer Fridge

comps.housebeautiful.co.uk Closing: Tuesday 26th October 2021 [7 days]

As part of its #DoItTogether campaign, Indesit is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a brand new Indesit built-in Push&Go fridge freezer that has time-saving Total No Frost technology, a Push&Go button and can store up to 14 bags of shopping*.

With just one push of the dedicated button, the technology will restore the temperature of the fridge up to 40 per cent faster**, even when the fridge is completely full.

The built-in fridge freezer also has Total No Frost technology, which prevents ice formation in both the fridge and freezer.

New Microplane Bowl Grater

comps.housebeautiful.co.uk Closing: Wednesday 3rd November 2021 [15 days]

Lucky for some we have 6 NEW Microplane® Bowl Graters and Premium Classic Zesters in red to give away.

The NEW Microplane® Bowl Grater easily and efficiently grates vegetables, fruit and hard cheeses directly and neatly into a container or bowl.

The grater with its extra coarse blade has been created to sit comfortably across any round bowl.

Aqua Optima Aurora Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

Kitchen Accessories

comps.housebeautiful.co.uk Closing: Friday 5th November 2021 [17 days]

Is offering one lucky winner the chance to win an Aurora package worth £250, which includes the brand new Aurora all-in-one kettle, chiller and water filter, as well as its Liscia water filter jug and a years supply of its Evolve+ water filters.

As well as the Aurora, Aqua Optima is also giving away a Liscia water filter jug which comes in a slim, sleek design, perfect for keeping chilled water in the fridge.

The Aurora package comes with a year's supply of Evolve+ 5-step water filters which fit not only Aqua Optima products but also work with over 90% of water filtration jugs on the market.

£125 Voucher For Yaopey Fine Art


comps.housebeautiful.co.uk Closing: Monday 8th November 2021 [20 days]

Enter to win a £125 voucher towards a Gallery or Master size fine art photography print that looks great in your home.

Yaopey is an award-winning fine art photographer with a contemporary approach to landscape and architectural photography.

His limited fine art prints are available in four sizes to suit your living space.

Eco-Lux Coat Paint

Registration Required

comps.housebeautiful.co.uk Closing: Monday 8th November 2021 [20 days]

COAT is the first Climate Positive paint company - entirely water-based, low VOC, 100% vegan friendly and 100% animal cruelty free with fully recyclable samples, paint, and packaging.

Enter now to get your COAT with £250 to spend across the whole product range of peel-and-stick swatches; 4 finishes of high grade paint; and all the eco accessories you need to transform your home.

Win £250 of eco-lux COAT Paint to transform your home x1.

Signed Copy Of James Martin's Cookbook

Registration Required Cookery Book

comps.housebeautiful.co.uk Closing: Saturday 13th November 2021 [25 days]

Drambuie.com to see James Martin showing us how simple it is to make a Drambuie Iced Espresso, ideal for pairing with desserts, chocolate, cheese and coffee.

To celebrate Drambuie and James Martin's partnership, Drambuie is giving away six signed copies of James Martin's recent cookbook Islands To Highlands, and a 50cl bottle of Drambuie.

The prize: Win a Signed Copy of James Martin's cookbook Islands To Highlands, Courtesy of Drambuie, the Isle of Skye honeyed whisky liqueur.